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My main user page is on the English Wikipedia.

Sessions I attended or would like to learn from

Hackathon Wednesday and Thursday




  • 11:30, Legal V (Don Alberto 3) on copyright and licenses
    • Stephen LaPorte (WMF Legal) on the thousands of FOSS licenses and which are widely used ; special interest in CC 4.0 for internationalization
    • Submissions/Copyright reform in the EU - What you can expect to happen -- Julia Reda, EU parliament member, proposing actions toward copyright harmonization in the EU]]; 28 national copyright laws now; user-freedoms are legally exceptions to copyright, not basic/intrinsic freedom to use the public domain; nutty example about publishing photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night; mass digitization issues; EU president backs some of her reforms; she later met with Wikimedia DC
    • Related talk by Dimi on copyright reform in EU -- I later emailed him
  • Meeting about online harassment and what to do in Salon Don Emilio.
  • 11:30, WikiCulture & Community IIII (Don Alberto): [[Submissions/Podemos! How Videos are bringing Wikimedia to the next Level]
  • talk by Luis von Ahn about duolingo -- free software for learning languages; much science going into it (e.g. whether lesson on basic plurals should go before or after something else; staff of 50; not yet open source; he was the inventor of CAPTCHA; Video (webm format)
  • Jimmy Wales's talk: Wikipedian of the year award to hidden-named person; Video (webm format)

For first presentation to my colleagues

For second presentation to my colleagues

  • phabricator (issue/bugbase)
  • Mediawiki Stakeholders group
  • Wikipedians-in-residence at NIOSH
  • Wikimedia scholarship summary
  • University cooperation in Estonia
  • Jimmy Wales talk
  • being in Mexico City