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Submissions/The Twilight of EU Copyright Reform, or, How to reform with a hammer

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The Twilight of EU Copyright Reform, or, How to reform with a hammer

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Dimitar Dimitrov a.k.a. User:Dimi_z

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After more than five years of consultations, dialogues, studies and reports the European Union has finally begun serious work on reforming its copyright framework. The European Commission, whose President made copyright reform one of his top 5 priorities, is currently working on a legislative proposal that it will present around the time of Wikimania. Simultaneously, the European Parliament is trying to find its position on copyright and Wikimedia's core issues - Freedom of Panorama (FoP) and Public Domain for Government Works (PDGov)see Position Paper are being negotiated.

For the first time in history the community that grew around a user-generated project is set up to follow the legislative process and try to influence it. The European chapters have founded the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU and have appointed a Free Knowledge Ambassador to the EU. With the help of volunteers and a little staff support by the chapters, we're contacting decision-makers, organising advocacy events and proposing legal texts to be included in the legislation Take Action Advocacy Advisors. We're also starting an exchange programme called "Visiting Weasels" that will get volunteer Wikimedians to Brussels for 2-4 weeks to help lobby the European Parliament and learn the ropes so they can also apply the tricks of the trade back home.

Wikimedia is in the centre of the civil society efforts to get a copyright reform that grows and protects the commons. We are, together with groups similar groups like Creative Commons, Open Knowledge and Mozilla and like-minded organisations trying to protect the public domain and counterbalance the overwhelming force of collecting societies, music and film enterprises and publishers.

This talk will be held around the time when the European Commission will present its legislative proposal to the European Parliament and thus at a very heated moment of the debate. It will be the perfect opportunity to update Wikimedians and other free knowledge enthusiasts about the latests developments and to round-up support for the legislative battle to come - Free Culture vs. Copyright Industry.

Next to talking to talking about the general political situation and negotiations, I will give several examples of how pieces of legislative text that are important to us got included, altered or removed from the proposal and what our exact role in the process was.

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Julia Reda, Member of the European Parliament, and her parliamentary assistant Mathias Schindler will be submitting a talk on EU copyright reform, too. They will be presenting the inside view, while I will be showing the "from-the-outside" picture and activities. It would be best if these two submissions are grouped together.

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