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Submissions/Science Assessment systems & what Wikimedia can learn

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Science Assessment systems & what Wikimedia can learn
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Lodewijk Gelauff
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Effeietsanders (talk)
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Scientific research knows many funders - and those funders often require some insight into the way the funded research has impact: on science itself, on education, on the economy and on society. Different methods are being used to assess this impact, and evaluate the research, organizations and to base future funding distribution upon. Because every country has a different science ecosystem with a separate history, the approaches are quite wide spread (from the Standard Evaluation Protocol in the Netherlands, through the Research Excellence Framework in the UK to the STAR METRICS approach in the US) and try to answer different questions.
Like science, Wikimedia is struggling continuously with the balance between demonstrating impact of programs and a reduction of overhead in that evaluation. In this presentation I want to take some best practices of science systems around the world, and suggest some approaches and directions which Wikimedia might be able to learn from it, in evaluating its programs and affiliates. Which it will not result in clear-cut proposals for change, it is supposed to be an inspiration for people active in the field.
  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure (assuming infrastructure also refers to financial infrastructure - I'm open to other suggestions)
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15-20 minutes
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Please don't put this session parallel to the Discussion Room sessions. Secondly, please advise what would be the best way to fit this into the broader program (which track), there is no perfect fit as is. :Disclosure: I am active in this field through my job. I organize activities around 'the impact of science' professionally.

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Schedule: The presentation is scheduled for Friday from 12-12:30 in room Don Genaro.