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L" for Laboratories and "M" for Microscopes : Redefining GLAM by partnering with a medical school

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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"L" for Laboratories and "M" for Microscopes : Redefining GLAM by partnering with a medical school
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Prof. K.P Aravindan (HoD of Pathology, Calicut Medical College) and Dr. Netha Hussain (Wikimedian-in-Residence)
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kparavindan@gmail.com, nethahussain@gmail.com
User: Kparavindan, User: Netha Hussain
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Calicut Medical College, Wikimedia India
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Blossoming Soul
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The scope of GLAM is increasing every day. We expanded the realms of GLAM by partnering with a medical school that shared rare and high quality micrographs and gross images with Wikimedia Commons. There is a wealth of unexplored information under the microscope and therefore laboratories all over the world are treasure troves of knowledge. In sharing their high quality pathology images with a global audience, the Department of Pathology at Calicut Medical College, India has redefined GLAM and piloted an innovative project successfully.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Create a repository of free images for use for researches and textbooks
  • Make available free, annotated images for teaching medical students
  • Facilitate interaction between pathologists and medical students
  • Facilitate easy image search using categories, keywords and tags
  • Initiate discussions about rare case scenarios in pathology with experts around the world

Our grand vision is to create free culture around pathology. Selected images from this collection are being used to illustrate Wikipedia articles. A gallery of images, sorted according to med-school curriculum is being maintained and routinely updated for use of medical students. Existing collections of pathology images and atlases are rare and expensive. Preparing pathology slides, taking micrographs, and annotating images need sophisticated equipment and great expertise. The Med-GLAM project is the sum of hardwork of several pathologists, lab technicians, doctors, and Wikimedians. We will talk about how we could deliver this otherwise expensive project at ZERO cost. We'll also present the best practices we learnt overtime while working on this project and take suggestions from the audience about scope for expansion of this project.

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30 minutes
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Yes, depending on scholarship
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