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Wiki Loves Earth: why it is cool and how you can join

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Mykola Kozlenko

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mycola-k at ukr dot net



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Wiki Loves Earth international team / Wikimedia Ukraine

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Winning photo of Wiki Loves Earth 2014: Carpathian National Park, Ukraine
New setting for a photography workshop: Drentsche Aa National Park, the Netherlands
Even a single tree can be an interesting natural site: Zaglbaueralm Beech in Austria, 12th place in the international contest

Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) is an international photography competition aimed at taking pictures of natural heritage sites and uploading them to Wikimedia Commons. It started in Ukraine in 2013 and became international in 2014, covering 15 countries from Brazil to Nepal. In 2015 the contest is organised for the third time in May, and we are looking forward to getting even more participation in it. Similar to Wiki Loves Monuments, the contest is organised separately in every participating country by the local Wikimedia community, and then best photos from all countries are nominated for an international contest.

This presentation will show the brief history of the contest from 2013 and 2015 and then will focus on lessons and ideas from the previous contests. The presentation will consist:

  1. Idea and story behind Wiki Loves Earth. Did you know that almost all countries still don't have photos of all their national parks? Did you know that in the largest European cities there are still parks and gardens without even a single picture? This is something we want to fix! Thanks to Wiki Loves Monuments people already know that finding and picturing a historical monument just near their house is easy — now it's time to discover that a huge number of natural sites next to them are also worth being pictured! In addition, Wiki Loves Earth is a nice opportunity to improve coverage of nature protection topics on the wikis, both by making outreach to nature photographers who have excellent photos and to ecological organisations who have valuable materials.
  2. How you can join? We want to show that joining Wiki Loves Earth is easy and fun and it does not require extensive organisational resources. International team is here to help you — but you know what works best in your country. This is a wonderful opportunity to build links between your local Wikimedia community, chapter or user group and local nature protection or heritage organisations. But if you don't have time for it, you can start by doing promotion in social networks and invite people with a banner in Sitenotice — you will definitely find interested people even with limited resources. You will also learn how you can deal with finding lists of natural sites, looking for jury members or increasing photo usage in the articles.
  3. Lessons and ideas from previous years. Wiki Loves Earth presents a number of nice outreach opportunities around nature protection topics, and you will see some ideas of how you can make this contest even more successful. May is a month where weather is fine almost all around the globe: that's a nice opportunity to organise photo walks or expeditions at some natural sites! If you want to go more local, you can add smaller natural sites, as you can make wonderful photos not only of well-known landscapes but even of small lakes or outstanding trees. Finally, we are sure that natural reserves, parks and gardens are yet to be covered even in the largest wikis, so why don't you organise an editing contest and have both good articles and nice pictures of your natural sites?

You will see why Wiki Loves Earth is a cool project and how organising such event in your country is easy and fun — hope you will like it and join WLE 2016!


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30 minutes

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