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Call for submissions is closed now. Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or rejection no later than April 20, 2015. You can read and support the current submissions here.

Wikimania 2015 di Bandar Raya Mexico akan menjadi kesebelas dalam siri tahunan persidangan antarabangsa yang menyediakan peluang unik untuk masyarakat Wikimedia dan projek-projek kami untuk datang bersama, kongsi matlamat sama mereka, dan membangunkan cara yang lebih baik untuk bekerja bersama pada peringkat antarabangsa.

Sama ada anda seorang ahli masyarakat daripada salah satu projek Wikimedia (seperti Wikipedia, Wikibuku, Wikidata, Wikisumber, Wikiberita, Wikimedia Commons, Wikikamus, MediaWiki atau lain-lain), atau seorang pencipta atau pengguna kandungan terbuka, kami mengalu-alukan cadangan anda untuk sesi di Wikimania 2015.

Tarikh penting

  • Panggil untuk cadangan terbuka: 19 Januari 2015
  • Tarikh akhir untuk mengemukakan cadangan: 28 Februaryi 2015
  • Pemberitahuan penerimaan: 20 April 2015


Akan ada beberapa jejak pembentangan ketika Wikimania 2015, untuk membantu menguruskan penyerahan dan membenarkan penonton mencari benda berbeza untuk dinikmati di Wikimania dalam selari. Walaupun mereka boleh berubah, mereka kini:

Projek Wikimedia di negara berbahasa Sepanyol

Wikipedia bahasa Sepanyol adalah antara 10 Wikipedia teratas dalam lawatan, pembaca dan penyunting, dengan beratus-ratus sukarelawan. Sepanjang dunia berbahasa Sepanyol terdapat projek-projek dan peminat peserta bekerja untuk pengetahuan bebas melalui Projek Wikimedia dan lain-lain inisiatif budaya bebas. Jejak ini akan mempunyai terjemahan serentak antara bahasa Inggeris dan Sepanyol.

>> Juga sila lihat jejak Panggil Pengeluaran pengetahuan dihoskan.

WikiBudaya & Masyarakat

There's a lot happening behind those articles; there's a huge, ever changing group of people that has somehow self organized to create something extraordinary. How did this happen? How does it work? Where's it headed? Can we improve it?

Teknologi, Antara Muka & Infrastruktur

Wikimedia bukan sahaja kandungan terbuka, tetapi sumber terbuka, dan terdapat banyak perubahan ketara yang telah berlaku, dan masih mendatang.

You might like to consider attending the Hackathon, and submitting your session there, if you're looking primarily for a technical audience.

Legal & Free Culture

Making the world's content free! What does this mean? Why is it important? What projects are people working on? Have you done something great with some free content?

GLAM & Outreach

Are you working with GLAMs (galleries, archives, libraries, museums) to release some content or access their expertise?

Education Outreach

How can Wikimedia be used in Education? Can students be valuable members of the community?

Presentation lengths

Each year, we receive a large number submissions for the programme. To accommodate as many of the great presentations as possible, we strongly suggest that you limit your proposed session's length to be a maximum of 30 minutes, including time for questions. You can request additional time, which may be granted if your proposal is particularly extensive. The programme committee may offer a shorter slot than you propose if time in the schedule is tight.


Dengan mengemukakan penyerahan, anda mesti bersetuju yang:

If you object to these requirements (for instance, if you would prefer not to be filmed), please talk to a programme committee member before submitting a proposal.

Your proposal will be discussed and rated in public by the Programme Committee, and you will be notified through the contact information you supply of the committee's decision. If your submission is not added to the preliminary schedule, please do not be discouraged: Wikimania 2015 will have time set aside in the schedule for participants and attendees to participate in unofficial, self-organized talks and working groups. You will have many opportunities to bring topics forward on-site, as well as socializing and sharing ideas casually.

Bagi senarai penyerahan yang telah dikemukakan pada masa ini, lihat penyerahan Wikimania 2015.


Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or rejection no later than April 20, 2015. If your paper is accepted and you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa to attend the conference, please contact as soon as possible. (Visa applications can take at least 60 working days to process.) Please identify yourself as a presenter and include your mailing address in your email.

By submitting a paper, you agree that at least one of the authors will attend the conference to present it. If the conference registration fee will pose a hardship for the presenter of the accepted paper, please contact A limited number of stipends will be available for accepted speakers who need assistance with travel and accommodation. Complete program and registration information will be available in April or May 2015 on the conference website.