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Submissions/1 Year to get your things done and to present them at Wikimania Esino Lario

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

Program of Wikimania Esino Lario. To be discussed!
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1 Year to get your things done and to present them at Wikimania Esino Lario

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  • Wikimedia Italy
  • Wikimedia CH
  • Wikimania Esino Lario team
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Structure of the program of Wikimania Esino Lario 2016

Abstract (at least 300 words to describe your proposal)

"Wikipedia as a driver of change": that's our vision for Wikimania 2016. Our commitment is to create a conference program which respects this principle both in its contents and in its structure. We know that this is a very bold idea, and also that change is a complicated and demanding process, because it requires a lot of heads thinking and arms working. For this reason we think that participation is one of its most important prerequisites.

In this session we would like to take advantage of the extraordinary momentum of engagement and ideas which is generated by Wikimania, and to channel it in an open discussion about what are the hopes and needs for next year program. Our aim is to organize a conference based on the principle that the time of its attendees is extremely valuable: we would like to give to every participant the possibility to live an experience which they can really tailor on their own interests and needs. But in order to accomplish this goal we have to discuss further together about interests and needs.

In the first part of the session we will provide a short presentation on the structure and the key elements of our program, in order to ease the participation of those persons who are not yet familiar with it but would like to contribute to the discussion. This will be followed by a short Q&A session, which will help us consolidate the shared understanding of the topic and warm our seats for the fun part. During the discussion we would like you to challenge, to trigger, to improve, to criticize and even to demolish our ideas. We would like you to share your thoughts on what do you expect from us and to find out together how you want to engage in it and concretely contribute to making it happen: think about Wikimania as a chance to present and move forward the work and ideas you are focusing on during 1 year.

The discussion will be hosted by Ginevra Sanvitale and Iolanda Pensa for the Wikimania Esino Lario team and Iván Martinez for the Wikimania Mexico City team.

Draft structure of the discussion:

  • Short overview of the Wikimania Esino Lario program. Two processes to select content (call for papers for critical presentations and posters, and discussions with thematic groups (i.e. education, GLAMs, tech, research, gender, geographic areas...) to identify guest speakers and the topics of discussions and training). Three main kind of working sessions:
    • Presentations (user digest, critical issues, Posters, chapter village and brochures)
    • Discussions (Thematic discussions and meetups)
    • Technical and training (Hackathon/DevCamp in the pre-conference, training and collaborative space)
  • Q&A session about the program.
  • Discussion: Wikimania as a chance to present and move forward the work and ideas you are focusing on during 1 year. Please do not hesitate to challenge, trigger, improve, criticize and even demolish our ideas for the program.
    • What would you like to listen to? Does it seem like a conference which offers what you are looking for? Based on the experience of this year, do you have suggestions to make Wikimania more relevant for you and more efficient to move your work forward?
    • Do you think there is a proper slot to present and discuss the work and ideas you will be focusing on between now and the next Wikimania? Which kind of session seems more appropriate to you? What are we missing? What is too much or too much complicated?
    • How would you like sessions to be reported and documented?
    • How would you like to contribute to the program?
  • WikiCulture & Community
Length of session (if other than 30 minutes, specify how long)
1 hour
Will you attend Wikimania if your submission is not accepted?
Yes, depending on the scholarship
Slides or further information (optional)
Slides on Wikimedia Commons
Slides on Wikimedia Commons.
Special requests
We would like to present on the last day of the conference. If we can't have one whole hour it would be good to be placed before lunch, so the attendees can keep discussing if they wish.

Interested attendees

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