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Submissions/Breaking Commons: Feature Brainstorming and Strategizing

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Breaking Commons: Feature Brainstorming and Strategizing
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MarkTraceur (talk)
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MarkTraceur (talk)
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Wikimedia Commons is a unique project. It's language-agnostic, it deals in very large content, and it serves content to every project in the Wikimedia ecosystem. As a result, it has needs that may not be met by generalized, or Wikipedia-specific, development efforts. What features do you want to see on Commons? What are the most important things you think need to be added or fixed? What's holding you back from being a productive contributor? We'll discuss all of this and more. We will also use the results of that conversation to come up with a rough list of priorities. Though the people in this discussion may not be representative of the entire Commons community, it will be a useful starting point for us to consider as we move forward in developing MediaWiki to be a bit more friendly towards multimedia contributions. Some examples of ideas that are in the works, planned, or on the table include Wikibase integration for storage of metadata, quick editing of image descriptions, Flickr import for all users, cross-wiki notifications for file usage and other actions, in-browser editing of files (of various types – compare e.g. SVG text editor and non-linear video editing), and even uploading files from client-wikis like Wikipedia - from inside the edit window! I, MarkTraceur, am a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia team. I have spent over two years dealing with UploadWizard, MultimediaViewer, and other multimedia-related extensions and MediaWiki code. My interest in leading this discussion is to find out what Commons contributors, and potential Commons contributors, really need and care about. While I'll certainly keep the results of this discussion in mind in the future, it will not necessarily be a deciding factor in any future planning - but it may be a deciding factor in how I, or others, spend their volunteer time!
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30 minutes
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