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Kuberkrakers by die Wikimania Hackathon 2012

Wikimania Hackathon 2015 sal op Woensdag, die 15de Julie 2015 en Donderdag, die 16de Julie 2015 plaasvind.

Elkeen is welkom by die Hackathon-dae. Om die reëlings te vergemaklik, skryf asseblief jou naam op die lys (onder aan die blad) as jy belangstel.

First Hackathon? Read this!

Email sent to all registered hackathon participants as of July 1

All participants of Hackathon are expected to respect and abide by the Wikimania Friendly Space Policy. Individuals not cooperating with this policy may be asked to leave the event.


Please make sure to register for the first two days of the hackathon if you are planning to attend. On the third day, the hackathon and Wikimania overlap, but are in the same location so if you register for the main conference you will still be able to participate in the final day of the hackathon as well. During the entire Wikimania event there will be a hacking room available for hackers to escape the crowds and continue to hack.

Wat is 'n Hackathon?

Hackathon ("Hacking days")—ook bekend as DevCamp—is vroeër aangebied by die Wikimania 2005 (Frankfurt), 2006 (Boston), 2007 (Taipei), 2009 (Buenos Aires), 2011 (Haifa), 2012 (Washington DC), 2013 (Hongkong), 2014 (Londen) en vele ander Hackathons, DevCamps en ontwikkelaarsbyeenkomste.

Belangstellende tegnoloë en kuberkrakers is welkom by die Wikimania Hackathon. Jy hoef nie deurwinter of bekend te wees met die MediaWiki-programmatuur nie. Vertalers met 'n taalkundige agtergrond kan ook help by die taalondersteuning ter verbetering van die Wikimediategnologieprojekte.


Find a buddy for the hackathon. Ideally every new contributor at the hackathon will have a buddy and everybody else who is willing to buddy up. We encourage newbies and veterans with similar interests to pair up. Add your name and a bit about yourself and what you are working on to the buddy page. Reach out to other users who you might make a good match with. This is an effort to support newbies and encourage new collaboration.

Program en take

Hacking projects confirmed

There are many proposals of demoable projects under development at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 project in Phabricator. Below you have a non-exhaustive list of activities confirmed (please link to the related Phabricator task):

Projects welcoming newcomers

"Newcomers" refers to developers new to our community as well as editors and other Wikimania attendees.

Projects for experienced contributors


Hacking break out space in London at Wikimania Hackathon 2014

This schedule is made by the hackathon participants.

Besoek die Phabricator Workboard vir verdere inligting omtrent die Hackathon se program en take.

Before scheduling a session, please consider these points:

  • The most important activity of the hackathon is hacking in the main room, and filling the schedule is not a goal per se.
  • We offer breakout rooms for sprint, training, and meeting sessions. Typical conference presentations are out of scope here.
  • All sessions must link to a related task in Phabricator associated to the Wikimania-Hackathon-2015 project (create a taskhelp).
    • The task must be assigned to the person responsible.
    • The title must start with "Sprint:", "Training", or "Meeting" to identify the type of session.
  • You can take any empty slot, or negotiate an exchange directly with the owner of a session scheduled in a slot that interests you.

Wednesday, 15 July

Hackathon Day 1


Time Hackathon Workplace 1 - Don Américo Hackathon Workplace 2 - Don Genaro Hackathon Workplace 3 - Don Julián Hacking Hall 1 - Don Diego 4 WMF - Don Diego 3 Education - Doña Adelita
60 classroom & video recording equipment.
Newcomer-friendly sessions preferred.
60 classroom This room is still mostly empty! Add your sessions! (60 classroom) 300 with rounds of 10 By invitation By invitation, registration closed
07:00 On-site registration
Registration 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Second floor foyer, Hilton Hotel
09:00 Opening plenary session (Hackathon) in Don Diego 4 WMF Learning Day
Education Pre Conference
10:00 Introduction to Wikimedia Tech for newcomers and their buddies Hacking!
11:00 Introduction to Phabricator (Wikimedia's task and bug tracking tool) for newcomers Tutorial: Drinking and Filtering the Recent Changes Stream
12:00 Lunch Don Diego 1 (Hackathon attendees only)
13:00 Training: MediaWiki-Vagrant install party Sprint: Making the Wiki Ed dashboard work for outreach projects OTRS Meetup Hacking!
14:00 Training: Wiki Front-End in 40 LOC, and other Parsoid tricks (slides) Meeting: Wikidata - Find a project, ask your question OTRS Meetup Continued
15:00 Presentation/Discussion: How Mapillary can be used with wiki Workshop: Doing Research on Wikimedia things as a volunteer - tools and communities
16:00 Hacking Tools that use Revision Scoring Workshop: CI: automated tests on patch upload and merge
17:00 Meeting: MediaWiki RFC: Streamlining Composer usage IdeaLab Mixer
18:00 End of Hackathon program. Dinner provided for Hackathon Participants @ 18:00 in Don Diego 1. Don Diego 4 remains open for quiet hacking overnight.
20:30 to 01:00 Hackathon Social Event: Drinks and food, bring your badge and get a discount. Location: Cancino Alameda, Calle Doctor Mora 9 Cuauhtemoc, Centro. Two minutes walking from Hilton. Map here

Thursday, 16 July

Hackathon Day 2


Time Hackathon Workplace 1 - Don Américo Hackathon Workplace 2 - Don Genaro Hackathon Workplace 3 - Don Julián Hacking Hall 1 - Don Diego 4 Education - Doña Adelita WMCON Follow-Up Day Press - Don Diego 3
60 classroom & video equipment.
Newcomer-friendly sessions preferred.
60 classroom 60 classroom 300 with rounds of 10 By invitation, registration closed room C/D;
in Fiesta Inn Hotel (close by)
80 room (by invitation)
08:00 On-site registration
second floor foyer, Hilton Hotel
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. , 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
09:00 Hacking! Education Pre Conference Press Conference
10:00 Learn about Puppet Learning SQL with Quarry Spanish track:

Introducción a las tecnologías del movimiento Wikimedia. Un espacio para los novatos y sus compañeros de hackeo.

(Introduction to Wikimedia Tech for newcomers and their buddies.)

Wikimedia Conference Follow-Up Day (no registration needed, just come along)
11:00 Adding (interactive) graphs and maps to articles How to get Grant Funding for your Hacking Project
12:00 Hackathon Group Photo @ 12 in Don Diego 4! Lunch (Hackathon attendees only)
13:00 Workshop: Learn about and evaluate our web API client libraries! Hacking!
14:00 Discussion: Researchers in our midst: Subject recruitment in Wikimedia communities WMF Engineering Management Q&A Ally Skills Workshop
15:00 Workshop: Getting started (and making better!) tools and bots on Tool Labs Best Practices for Hackathon Showcase Presenters Code of conduct/Phabricator etiquette/Friendly Spaces/etc breach consequences and escalation paths
16:00 Sprint: VisualEditor's "translathon", 2nd edition Citathon 2015 Building a Visual Video Editor for the Web
17:00 Clean up Ruby code with RuboCop!
18:00 End of program. Welcome Reception in Salon Don Diego. Hacking Hall 2 - Doña Adelita opens at 8pm for 24h hacking for the remainder of Wikimania
20:30 to 01:00 Hackathon Social Event: Drinks and food, bring your badge and get a discount. Location: Cancino Alameda, Calle Doctor Mora 9 Cuauhtemoc, Centro. Two minutes walking from Hilton. Map here

Friday, 17 July

Hackathon Day 3

Anything you schedule for Friday will be competing with the main Wikimania Conference schedule. Don Emiliano is open for hackers to use (and pre schedule) as needed – however main Hackathon sessions should be scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Time Hacking Hall 2 – Doña Adelita Don Emiliano
100 with rounds of 10 22 in classroom setup
09:00 Hacking!
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacking!
18:00 End of program. Dona Adelita remains open for quiet hacking overnight.

Saturday, 18 July and Sunday, 19 July

Unorganized Hacking Days

Outernet is hosting their first edit-a-thon July 18-19 in partnership with Creative Commons[1] as part of Mozilla's East Africa Festival. They encourage remote participation and Wikimedians may find their work intriguing (such as getting Wikipedia to offline communities). Outernet describes itself as "Humanity’s Public Library," saying that "Outernet broadcasts a data signal from satellites that is free to receive anywhere on Earth. While this is not an Internet connection, it is a free stream of critical information.[2]" Participation in their edit-a-thon will take place via their wiki. Same as Friday, Doña Adelita is available 24h until the end of Wikimania.

The Wikimania Hackathon Showcase will be hosted on Sunday at 14:00 in the Auditorium. Don't miss it!

Event Organizers

  • rfarrand <rfarrand@wikimedia.org>, Rachel Farrand
  • siebrand <siebrand@kitano.nl>, Siebrand Mazeland
  • Omar_sansi <omarsansi@gmail.com>, Omar Sandoval
  • Qgil <qgil@wikimedia.org>, Quim Gil (will help organizing but will not be present in Mexico City)


Add your username below if you are willing to help newbies at Hackathon by staffing a "welcome table" for an hour or being identified as someone that new people can approach to ask questions, get started on a project or find somebody to work with.

Ek stel belang!

Besoek ook Makkers vir 'n lys van bestaande en moontlike groepsindeling onder makkers.

Photos & presentations

Upload your photos and presentations to Category:Wikimania 2015 Hackathon.

  1. Creative Commons press release
  2. Outernet blog post