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Thursday 16th July

Time Hackathon Workplace 1 - Don Américo Hackathon Workplace 2 - Don Genaro Hackathon Workplace 3 - Don Julián Hacking Hall 1 - Don Diego 4 Education - Doña Adelita WMCON Follow-Up Day Press - Don Diego 3
60 classroom & video equipment.
Newcomer-friendly sessions preferred.
60 classroom 60 classroom 300 with rounds of 10 By invitation, registration closed room C/D;
in Fiesta Inn Hotel (close by)
80 room (by invitation)
08:00 On-site registration
second floor foyer, Hilton Hotel
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. , 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
09:00 Hacking! Education Pre Conference Press Conference
10:00 Learn about Puppet Learning SQL with Quarry Spanish track:

Introducción a las tecnologías del movimiento Wikimedia. Un espacio para los novatos y sus compañeros de hackeo.

(Introduction to Wikimedia Tech for newcomers and their buddies.)

Wikimedia Conference Follow-Up Day (no registration needed, just come along)
11:00 Adding (interactive) graphs and maps to articles How to get Grant Funding for your Hacking Project
12:00 Hackathon Group Photo @ 12 in Don Diego 4! Lunch (Hackathon attendees only)
13:00 Workshop: Learn about and evaluate our web API client libraries! Hacking!
14:00 Discussion: Researchers in our midst: Subject recruitment in Wikimedia communities WMF Engineering Management Q&A Ally Skills Workshop
15:00 Workshop: Getting started (and making better!) tools and bots on Tool Labs Best Practices for Hackathon Showcase Presenters Code of conduct/Phabricator etiquette/Friendly Spaces/etc breach consequences and escalation paths
16:00 Sprint: VisualEditor's "translathon", 2nd edition Citathon 2015 Building a Visual Video Editor for the Web
17:00 Clean up Ruby code with RuboCop!
18:00 End of program. Welcome Reception in Salon Don Diego. Hacking Hall 2 - Doña Adelita opens at 8pm for 24h hacking for the remainder of Wikimania
20:30 to 01:00 Hackathon Social Event: Drinks and food, bring your badge and get a discount. Location: Cancino Alameda, Calle Doctor Mora 9 Cuauhtemoc, Centro. Two minutes walking from Hilton. Map here