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Wikipedia Vs. Terrorism

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In Arab Countries in general and especially Iraq (Which is not pure Arab but actually a multi races population) we have a huge lack of awareness about Wikipedia, the majority still think that Wikipedia is written by well paid professionals in all specialties, in addition to that for almost a decade people are busy worrying about terrorism which could be fought by military weapons but in my opinion the ignorance and extremism are the main causes of terrorism. Nothing could fight Terrorism better than Free knowledge and nothing is better than Wikipedia for that. In addition I'm living in a city of mixed races (Majority are Kurds with some Arabs), so I thought as a way to unite people, I'm launching a campaign stating that Either you are Kurd or Arab you can add to the humanity and transfer all human sciences to your own language. We have to make knowledge a way for peace instead of seeing it just destroy lives in name of technology. Terrorists take advantage of spreading people apart and get use of the ignorant people by brainwash their minds. If all these minds could understand that they can reach for free to all world's knowledge packed in a website, they could read more about science, History, Art, Physics, Astronomy, Law, movies, football, sports and everything they could imagine. Knowledge change realities, I believe in Wikipedia as the best weapon against terrorism and ignorance. I will launch the campaign soon, so I will present in Wikimania through my presentation the campaign feedback as well as all results that I will get after that. I'm planning to start the campaign in my city Erbil, if the feedback was good I will spread it immediately (Hopefully) to 3 cities more: Baghdad, Alsulaimaniya and Basra. I'm planning to add a short Video as well to the presentation about people here and their impression about Wikipedia and their actions after knowing that they can contribute in the humanity heritage as well as enriching their own languages.

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