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Submissions/Our options for addressing harassment of women, LGBT+ people, and other popular targets for discrimination

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Our options for addressing harassment of women, LGBT+ people, and other popular targets for discrimination
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Lane Rasberry (en:user:bluerasberry) and Dorothy Howard (en:user:Vaughn88)

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United States
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Harassment and discrimination exists in Wikimedia projects. We will consider some example situations and review the existing community processes which are available to assist anyone who is targeted for harassment.

We will examine the kinds of harassment which the Wikimedia community is unable to address, consider, or note at all, and compare the responses that volunteers inside Wikipedia get from Wikimedia community infrastructure to the responses that volunteers in a brick and mortar nonprofit would get if they experienced the same kind of harassment while they supported any nonprofit organization in meatspace.

Following this resent a list of options for reform and start a long-term call to the community to present other ideas and begin to consider what amounts of harassment are acceptable considering the constraints of our resources and what kinds of harassment we need to plan to address starting from a definite date in the future.

Background details:

  • women in Wikimedia projects experience the most and worst harassment
  • online communities historically have not managed harassment well
  • many meatspace communities, including many businesses and nonprofit organizations, have processes for supporting their workers and volunteers when they experience harassment
  • other smaller demographics on Wikimedia projects, including the LGBT+ community, would benefit from having a harassment policy in place for women, because whatever works for that large group can be adapted to other smaller groups which are less prepared to organize and request solutions
  • the scope and impact of harassment of women could probably be used to define the amount of resources which should be invested in addressing the harassment problem
  • WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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