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Carmen Alcázar
Hospitality Coordinator

About me

I'm Carmen, a political scientist, currently living in Mexico City. Since 2011, I'm heavily involved in Wikimedia Mexico, assisting in the creation of student clubs and trying to create links with institutions. Since 2012, i'm member of the elected Board, following up projects.

I am very interested in create more Wikipedia editions in indigenous languages. Thanks to an user in English Wikipedia, I have two users: Metik, which means moon, and Wotancito, sweetheart, in Tseltal (indigenous language of the state of Chiapas).

My role in Wikimania 2015

I am responsible for welcoming you with open arms and will see that you have a pleasant stay in Mexico City. If you have any question about lodging, food and/or parties, contact me:

Wotancito or e-mail