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Submissions/How we made VisualEditor faster

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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How we made VisualEditor faster
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Ori Livneh and Roan Kattouw
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ori@wikimedia.org and roan@wikimedia.org
Ori Livneh and Roan Kattouw
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IL and NL (now USA)
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Wikimedia Foundation
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VisualEditor's performance – the speed of the editor in loading when you want it, doing things when you click, and saving when you save edits – matters. It matters because poor performance is distracting for experts, dissuasive for newbies, and disrespectful for the time of both. This isn't just servicing the desires of the impatient amongst us – a responsive user interface has been shown across hundreds of systems and designs to help users maintain focus on what they want to get done. The most important facility that the editing system can provide is to appear near-invisible — a tool you can use without even thinking about it, a smooth and unnoticeable machine which works instantly to flawlessly effect whatever changes you wish to make, without you needing to think about it.
Recently, we've undertaken a lot of work to improve the performance of VisualEditor, which we will demonstrate, graph, dissect and discuss, including specific benchmarks, known existing bottlenecks, and our plans for the future in terms of code and architecture optimisations which will improve performance still further.
We will showcase the instrumentation of performance in VisualEditor's world, giving a "behind the scenes" view of VisualEditor, the EventLogging framework and how we couple the two. We will demonstrate how we have used the instrumentation to detect and isolate performance bottlenecks,
We will discuss the difference between clock-time and perceived performance, and give an overview of the tensions between network, CPU, and memory performance constraints within which we operate, our performance targets, and how far away they are. We will cover how our work has been shared between VisualEditor and the wikitext editor, and what the future looks like, once we make even more changes to how MediaWiki works so that your editing experience is as fast and seamless as possible.
Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes
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File:How we made VisualEditor faster.pdf
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