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Who are we? And what lies out there?
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A flight through the Wikiverse: Defining identities in the Wikimedia movement
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Lukas Mezger
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Wikimedia Deutschland
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In 2014, Wikimedia Deutschland presented the Chapters Dialogue, an assessment of the movement organisations’ needs, goals and stories. The result was, among others, a number of "tough questions" we yet have to find answers to. This talk is meant to partly pick up this thread and create a space to think freely about the roles and identities of the players within the Wikimedia movement: The Wikimedia Foundation, the chapters, thematic organizations and user groups and the individual projects' communities.
Every Wikimedia organization repeatedly gets to the point that it has to ask itself: Who are we? And where do we want to go? These questions are at the core of any volunteer organization. For example, we at Wikimedia Deutschland are constantly encountering two conflicting ideas: Do we create an online encyclopedia or do we foster free knowledge in general? Wikimania is the place where we can try to look at the whole picture: As Wikimedia organizations, we need to define our identity in relation to the world around us - maybe not just the Wikiverse, but society as a whole.
The title of the submission sees the Wikiverse as a planetary system - the Wikimedia organizations are orbiting around one central star, but is it the Wikimedia Foundation, or the Wikimedia communities, or the concept of free knowledge? At the start of this session, there will be a brief introduction setting the theme and trying to raise some key points. Then, the microphone will be handed over to the audience, which can then try to answer the questions - or ask new ones.
One idea that this submission wants to discuss fits right into the metaphor of a planetary system: Should all Wikimedia organizations have the same orbit, that is follow the same goals, or do we want to embrace diversity? Should we even specialize? What if one chapter focused on cultural heritage and another on engineering? This submission wants to create a space to discuss bold new ideas in order to create a common understanding of our values that helps us define our identities within the movement.
WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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