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Submissions/A Hitchhiker's Guide through Creative Commons photography

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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A Hitchhiker's Guide through Creative Commons photography
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Rodrigo González - EneasMx
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The land of open photography in Mexico lies largely unexplored. We are still a handful of people uploading our work with a Creative Commons license. This is due, I believe, because our fellow colleagues still don't understand the benefits of using these licenses. In fact, their use solve most of the photographer's dreariest nightmares: somebody stealing our photos, not getting due remuneration and not being recognized as an artist or as a creator. I, as a photographer, have had to walk through the same rocky path and learned a lot. This is, basically, a Hitchhicker's Guide to the use of Creative Commons licenses in photography.

There is a huge demand for good graphics. Our planet is oversaturated by images precisely because they help to convey meaning in a much more efficient way than plain text. An Open license allows our photos to reach easily the hands of the people that needs them. This is the main idea behind this talk: Open Photography makes it easier for people to see your work. That's the most important thing for a photographer: that your work gets appreciated. Once people gets to know you, you start getting some other benefits altogether. I have found that CC photography is helping both our personal objectives (being known, having a well paid job) and the social interests of giving the world quality photographs without an exchange of money. I talk a good deal about my experience as a CC photograher but also about why do the photographers, designers and creators in general need to use open licenses.

Legal & Free Culture
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30 minutes
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I'll be using slides to show some photos and make some points.
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