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Submissions/Wikidata Babel workshop

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Wikidata Babel workshop
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Kvardek du
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Kvardek du
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Member of Wikimédia France
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w:fr:User:Kvardek du
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Wikimania is a very special occasion : hundreds of Wikimedians from very different places and speaking numerous languages are staying together. This is the perfect moment for solving language-related issues concerning the data. There are a lot of concepts which are different depending on the language and are currently not organized in Wikidata (using subclasses, etc.).

Before the workshop, different topics where the conceptual organization is different between the languages will be identified. Attendees will be divided in groups, matching their native languages with the different issues, and following their topics of interest too. They will then discuss the interrelations of the concepts; appropriate equipment will be provided (like pen, post-it, etc. enabling to think together on paper). When attendees will have found a solution (if they find one), they will directly contribute on Wikidata.

The goals of this session are, of course, solve these linguistic issues on Wikidata, but I hope it could also help some wikimedians to reach Wikidata, a project they can sometimes be very far. The basic organization of the website will be explained at the beginning of the workshop.

WikiCulture & Community
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30 or 45 minutes (or a stand ?)
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Yes! (if I have a grant, of if I find some money)
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