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WikiJournal-The free journal which anyone can access
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Abhishek Kumar Mehta
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Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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There are many educational instiutes in the world which do not have access to the modern, contemporary research from reasons varying from lack of understanding of foreign languages to lack of access to the journals in which they are published. No one owns knowledge, escpecially scientific knowledge. Science is a human enterprise. The whole enterprise is run by taxes taken from the public. Therefore, it is a moral duty of the scientific community to share with the people what has been discovered or known from their money. Knowledge is in the process of being capitalized by the publishing houses through costly peer-reviewed journals.

Therefore, a new platform is needed in the form of WikiJournal, which will be an open, accessible and free journal. On WikiJournal, one paper or a scientific thesis will be available in all the possible languages to bridge the language gap among the scientific community. The translation of the thesis can be attempted by anyone. On WikiJournal any person affliated to scientific body can review as well as contribute to the WikiJornal their original research which can then be reviewed by others on WikiJournal. The research which recieves the maximum consensus can be classified as featured article.

WikiJournal will and should serve as a platform for crowd-sourced research through sharing of data. In WikiJournal, emphasis will be made on honest presentation of results and conclusions to prevent forged or sketched data to take space unlike, in the case of, well-known journals. WikiJournal will have autonomous metadata analysis where data from similar kinds of research will be acquired and analyzed through crowd-computing to produce finer and better conclusions. This would allow future researcher to make faster and better conclusions and would allow them to produce more elegant results. This would also allow others to verify the consistency of the data and reproducibility of the experiments.

WikiJournal will change the way science reaches the masses. It will usher in a new era in science.

Special Recognition & Certification proposals for wikijournal

In professional activities, qualifications earned through training or multiple years of practice, guarantee for a person’s ability to maintain certain standards in his/her work. Online collaborations influence their extent and diversity to produce content rivaling that of professional production.

  • It is proposed that Ph.D scholars/students may be invited for review of essays written by users of WikiJournal. For this service Phdian student may be honoured by a certificate from WikiJournal adminship in recognition of their review services.
  • To ensure content quality, a self governing community composed of volunteers must develop complex policies, practices and processes.

Aforementioned are my proposals.Nannadeem (talk) 12:14, 25 January 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Open Scholarship, Open Data
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30 minutes
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