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Video Community Coordination Roundtable

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Note to the program committee: This is a package of three related submissions. The workshops / joint presentations are divided into a content project part (efforts to create and use videos) and a technical part (creating an production house, tackling hurdles, cooperating with like-minded organisations for mutual improvement of our infrastructure). These submissions only request the standard length of 30 minutes to keep it crisp and focused. It allows the audience to choose exactly what they are interested while we still provide the full overview on all aspects. The third submission roundtable is a more internal round of people already involved or willing to get involved with the works behind the scene (organising content projects or dealing with the technical details).

TL;DR: working meeting, continuation of last year's video lunch

A discussion and working meeting of video enthusiasts and activists. This is the continuation of what started as the Video Lunch at Wikimania 2014 and what continued on the video-l mailinglist.

The goal is to meet and discuss further plans, coordinate our efforts and set new targets for the coming year, until we (hopefully) meet again at Wikimania.

Current issues are (please everyone interested add your own issues here!):

  • setting up video project
  • continuing the cooperation with the Internet Archive over the editing server
  • ...
  • WikiCulture & Community
  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes
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Please after Podemos! How Videos are bringing Wikimedia to the next Level and Video Production Tools and Community in the Wikiverse.

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