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The next million articles in Wikipedia
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Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in human history and a main source of knowledge for many people, with more than 26 million page views per hour. Though the access to Wikipedia content is quite impressive, the online encyclopedia has a lot of missing content across all languages it supports: There are about 5 million articles in the English Wikipedia, but even this largest of all Wikipedias is far from complete, and incompleteness is even more substantial for smaller language versions.

The goal of this project is to identify missing content in Wikipedia and recommend the best editors to write those articles through a three-step process. First, we use interlanguage links from Wikidata to identify the missing articles in each language version. This step creates many missing-article candidates for each language, in fact too many than all current editors can reasonably tackle. Therefore, the list of missing articles needs to be prioritized. Hence, in the second step we leverage access-volume statistics of existing articles to predict which new articles would be most accessed if they existed in a language version. Since not all editors are equally suited for writing about a given topic, the third and last step is editor selection: given a missing article and Wikipedia's complete edit history, we predict the best editors for creating and writing the missing article.

The results of this study will empower the editors by recommending articles to edit based on Wikipedia's edit history and the availability of content in other languages. The output of this research can provide valuable input to the ContentTranslation tool currently developed by the Language Engineering team.


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