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Submissions/Students can do more than write new articles - Premiere of Tec de Monterrey video of student activities in Wikimedia

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Students can do more than write new articles - Premiere of Tec de Monterrey video of student activities in Wikimedia

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Video premiere and discussion

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es:Usuario:Dulacia Daniel Ulacia

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Wiki Learning (Tec de Monterrey)

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While most education related efforts in Wikimedia have focused on the creation of new articles, from the beginning, Tec de Monterrey has experimented with other kinds of activities in addition to the writing or expansion of articles. One major reason for this is to take advantage of the resources of the school, particularly the abilities of students in English and other languages, digital animation, sound recording and video as well as Tec de Monterrey's reputation as a leader in educational innovation. One of the most successful of these efforts has been the translation of articles from English to Spanish, not only because Tec students are required to have an advanced level in English but also because students appreciate the need to put more information in their mother tongue for the benefit of those who dont have the opportunity they do.

The purpose of this video is two fold. The first is to give a quick overview of what we have been doing, how it has developed in the hopes of inspiring others to involve students in more ways than previously considered. The second is to use this video as part of the introduction of students to the Wiki World, to motivate them as they begin their first projects. This video is in Spanish (with subtitles in English) because to date, there have not been any video specifically targeting a Latin American audience, addressing their interests and worldview. The video will cover activities such as the training/introduction of Wikipedia to both students and teachers, translation, photography, digital animation, video and programming. It will also cover the various efforts we have made to make working with Wikipedia more acceptable and accessible to both classes and other student activities such as community service credits.

(Video in Spanish with English subtitles)

  • Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries
  • Education Outreach
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