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Submissions/Operationalizing usability testing for Mediawiki engineers

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Operationalizing usability testing for Mediawiki engineers

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Abbey Ripstra and Daisy Chen

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aripstra@wikimedia.org and dchen@wikimedia.org


ARipstra (WMF), Dchen (WMF), and Jmorgan (WMF)

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Usability testing is an essential part of the developing usable products. Ultimately, this helps create more usable and user-centered wikis. We will begin this session by going over the basics of usability testing practices and tools. We will describe and show how to find the right participants, how to design a study, structure data collection, and perform analysis and synthesis for delivering findings toward iterating a more usable functionality. This will be of benefit to engineers who have ever had their code blocked by usability bugs.

We will then collaborate with attendees on defining how to operationalize usability testing, discussing ways to enable engineers to perform DIY basic usability testing to make the functionality they build more usable. What might operationalizing this practice look like? We will prompt the discussion with attendees and also provide some of our own ideas on how to integrate usability testing to the development process.


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45-60 minutes
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Most likely

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Slides from a Wikimania 2015 presentation on how to perform usability tests
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