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Submissions/Legal OTRS Boot Camp: Stories Shared, Lessons Learned, & Techniques to Tackle Tricky Troubles

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Legal OTRS Boot Camp: Stories Shared, Lessons Learned, & Techniques to Tackle Tricky Troubles
Type of submission (discussion, hot seat, panel, presentation, tutorial, workshop)
Presentation and Q&A
Author of the submission
Michelle Paulson, WMF Senior Legal Counsel, Jacob Rogers, WMF Legal Counsel, and TBD OTRS admins/agents
E-mail address
mpaulson@wikimedia.org and jrogers@wikimedia.org
Mpaulson_(WMF) and Jrogers_(WMF)
Country of origin
United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Abstract (at least 300 words to describe your proposal)

Are you an OTRS agent or admin that has always wondered how you can figure out whether content you’re seeing is actually in the public domain or which tags are appropriate to put on images? An editor who's thinking about joining OTRS? Someone who has never heard of OTRS? Well, this OTRS Boot Camp may be right for you.

Background: There is a dedicated group of community members (also known as OTRS) who volunteer their time to answer inquiries and address complaints from the public. They, along with the WMF legal team, handle the vast majority of complaints and concerns about content on Wikipedia, Commons, and other Wikimedia projects. Generally, OTRS does a great job of educating people and resolving the concerns that members of the public bring about Wikimedia projects. However, a small number of issues involve unresolved (by project policy and/or law) subjects that can create repeat problems for OTRS and the community at large.

What to Expect at Boot Camp: At this talk, you will have the opportunity learn more about the challenges OTRS faces, get advice from veteran OTRS admins and agents, and learn about WMF legal's position on a few thorny matters. There will be a Q&A session with members of OTRS and representatives from the WMF legal team, so that you can hear about the issues that matter to you the most.

Sample issues may include:

  • How to identify public domain documents in other countries
  • When and how to use fair use image tags on projects that permit fair use
  • Explanation of privacy rights of photographed individuals around the world
  • Differentiating trademarks and copyright
  • Creative Commons license enforcement
  • Other topics that OTRS volunteers and the general user community want to know
Legal & Free Culture
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30 minutes
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