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Submissions/Building wiki tools outside of Wikimedia Foundation

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Building wiki tools outside of Wikimedia Foundation
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presentation and workshop
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Sage Ross (User:Sage (Wiki Ed), Product Manager at Wiki Education Foundation)
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User:Sage (Wiki Ed)
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United States
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Wiki Education Foundation
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This session explores opportunities for organizations (besides Wikimedia Foundation and WMDE) to develop new specialized wiki software tools to support their projects. Now that Wikimedia wikis have a system for OAuth login, it's possible to build web apps that let you log in with your Wikipedia account, make edits using your account, and much more. In practice, that means for just about any user interface or workflow on Wikipedia, you could build a whole new user experience for it outside of Wikipedia, without the need for changes to MediaWiki or direct involvement with the Wikimedia development process. It also means you can hire competent web developers to build your wiki tools — in any programming language — without needing someone familiar with the MediaWiki codebase.

Wiki Education Foundation has moved quickly since mid-2014 to build OAuth-based tools: the Assignment Design Wizard and the wikiedu.org Dashboard for tracking education program classes. We were able to get a lot done quickly, without worrying much about technical support from Wikimedia Foundation developers. In this session, I'll briefly go over how the development process worked from the planning stage all the way to launch — what the tricky parts were, how much it cost, and how long it took.

Similar projects are well within the capacity of most chapters and user groups, if you can get the budget for hiring a development company. You don't need any developers on staff, as long as you have someone who understands what you're trying to build from an editor's perspective to manage it. This development model is especially useful for building software that supports specific program activities.

Bring your ideas for how the right software tool could solve all your program problems, and we'll brainstorm together how an OAuth-based web app could solve those problems, and try to estimate how much it might cost.

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60 minutes

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