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How to build up Wikidata, country by country
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workshop or panel
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James Heald (User:Jheald)
Update The session will now be led by Lydia Pintscher (User:Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)) and Maarten Dammers (User:Multichill), as I will not be able to attend -- JH.
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What can national chapters and local Wiki-projects do to build up Wikidata?
This session will ask a panel from different countries what works to build up awareness and skills, and how to deepen the quality of Wikidata's coverage of a particular part of the world -- its people, places, history, events, organisations, culture, and every other related thing that ought to have a detailed comprehensive Wikidata item.
  • What face-to-face events work, to build up knowledge and an active community?
  • How to assess current coverage, identify priority areas, and help groups to self-organise to improve them?
  • Are there special 'tentpole' projects the country has identified -- eg highlight focus areas, or particularly good data sources to align or assimilate?
  • What are the best tools and workflows to get things done?
WikiCulture & Community
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50 minutes
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An etherpad for the session on a projector would be good

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