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Submissions/Accidental Canon and Other Lessons From Building Digital Libraries

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Accidental Canon and Other Lessons From Building Digital Libraries
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Asaf Bartov
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Project Ben-Yehuda
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Project Ben-Yehuda's Blog (Hebrew)
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In 1999, I started typing public domain Hebrew poetry into my home computer. 16 years and hundreds of additional volunteers later, I am running the largest and most important public repository of secular Hebrew literature. In other words, I have become an accidental librarian! And that taught me fascinating lessons and made me realize some broad cultural implications.

For example, our volunteer actions have accidentally created a new canon of older Hebrew works; Some surprising re-use has already emerged; we have accidentally become perceived authorities on these works.

I will present and discuss these and other lessons from my own experience and draw some parallels (e.g. to the Internet Archive).
Legal & Free Culture
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30 minutes
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