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50 Shades of Wiki: New Tools to Share, Remix and Reuse
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  • Moiz Syed
  • Dario Taraborelli
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Wikimedia Foundation

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Wikipedia has a lot of incredible content. Users want to share and remix—they get lost in a "wiki wormhole" and settle bets with friends. However, Wikipedia's platform offers only two ways to engage: read and edit. How many new opportunities can we build for users to get involved and produce more free knowledge? On many other sites, users are invited to remix, curate, and share content in many different ways. We have an opportunity to turn a half billion readers into users who contribute in forms other than long-form editing.

In this talk, we'll make a case for the need of these tools and showcase a selection of recent experiments and future ideas that teams within the Wikimedia Foundation are working on, including:

  • Share-a-fact: a mobile app feature to quickly generate user-selected text snippets from Wikipedia articles with beautiful background images.
  • Gather: a project enabling users to create shareable collections of Wikipedia articles.
  • Future ideas including embeddable widgets to syndicate content from Wikipedia and other projects.

We will share data on these features, design concepts, and engage in broader conversation with the attendees on what we should build.

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30 minutes
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