Wiki Learning

Wiki Learning is the Wikimedia User Group which supports students and teachers working with Wikimedia. Our activities are not restricted to class assignments but have also included, managing donations of files from campus photographic and radio archives, allowing students to earn community service hours (required of all undergraduates in Mexico) and work with outside institutions, such as the Festival Internacional Cervantino and the Museo de Arte Popular.

Our main page is here.


Members attending

  • Leigh Thelmadatter
  • Lourdes Epstein
  • Paola Ricaurte
  • Daniel Ulacia
  • Martha Gomez
  • Artemisa Martinez
  • Jesús Herrera
  • Naomi Iwadare
  • Elisa Jarquin
  • Ana Belinda Guerrero
  • Ingrid Hernandez
  • Emilio Bosch
  • Abril Alizul
  • Natalia Pérez
  • Lalo Elizalde
  • Cesar Jimenez
  • Rolando Bautista
  • Marimer Fajer
  • Jordi Cueto