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Submissions/Wikimedia Metrics in the making: What Can We Bring To The Table?

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Wikimedia Metrics in the making: What Can We Bring To The Table?
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Delphine Ménard - notafish
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Wikimedia is 10 years old and is relying more and more heavily on metrics to try and evaluate its performance as an organisation, measure its reach and outreach, understand whether donor's money is being used efficiently and towards its specified goal. But metrics and statitstics and evaluation, if they have a lot of hard scientific components, still rely heavily on context and explanations. In the Wikimedia projects as in the Wikimedia Organisations and Groups, metrics help get a good picture of impact and sustainability of projects across the board. Yet it is extremely hard to come to a shared understanding of what metrics are all about, how they can be used to measure the impact of what Wikimedia does. This has to do with culture, environments and many other variables. This presentation will try and delve into what the communities involved in Wikimedia at large, with their very ecclectic and thus broad understanding of what works and what does not, can do to help shape the metrics against which their work will be measured. What can you, or you, or you over there, or me for that matter, what can we do to make sure that the work we're doing for Wikimedia is taken into consideration in the measures the movement develops? How can we all help define impact and make sure that it means something in the many worlds Wikimedia is touching today? I am not an "evaluationist" ;-), and I want to try and understand with the help of the audience what we can do to make sure that Wikimedia's impact is real, and not just a bunch of numbers on paper that look good to only some and that others use to game a number-based system. This presentation could be titled "Context is key, how do we provide good context for good metrics?"

* WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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