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Submissions/Sum of all paintings

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Sum of all paintings
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Maarten Dammers
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Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our mission statement. I like art and I'm one of the founders of the GLAMwiki movement. In the past I started Wiki Loves Monuments and organized it for several years. One of the lessons learned from that project is that it's possible to solve incredibly big problems by splitting them up and dividing the work. I'm also quite active on Wikidata. So I figured it would be nice to combine GLAMwiki and Wikidata. Wouldn't it be nice to have all paintings on Wikidata? The wikiproject Sum of all paintings was born.

Just like with Wiki Loves Monuments we have a clear scope so we can enumerate the work. With Wiki Loves Monuments we wanted photos of old buildings that were registered as a cultural heritage monument. For sum of all paintings we want to create an item on Wikidata for every notable painting.

The presentation will contain an overview of what we've done the last couple of months. The lessons learned, the problems we ran into and the successes we had. I will highlight some of the collections and artists we managed to complete. I will explain how we work on a per collection focus to subdivide the work and how bot imports fit in here. I will also explain how volunteers can help out with the project.

For chapters this is a new option for doing GLAM outreach. For most GLAM projects contemporary art museums were pretty much off limits because of copyright restrictions. We don't have this problem with Wikidata so this opens up the door for a whole new group of museums.

Putting all the data in is fun, but getting it out is even nicer. I'll show and explain some of the tools we have to browse the collection and to view individual paintings.

Last, but not least, the presentation will contain lots of paintings

GLAM Outreach or maybe Open Data
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30 minutes (at most, wouldn't mind at all to have less time in a combined session)
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First day would be nice. This would be an introduction to the project. I might also submit a workshop and it would be a bit strange to have the introduction after the workshop.

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  4. I cannot imagine, what it does mean to put all images to Wikidata, but this presentation might be interesting. I wonder weather it is about metadate about all images or what.--Juandev
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