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Submissions/Revolutionizing article creation using Content Translation

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Revolutionizing article creation using Content Translation

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Santhosh Thottingal, Amir Aharoni

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sthottingal@wikimedia.org, aharoni@wikimedia.org


Santhosh.thottingal, Amire80

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India, Israel

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Language Engineering, Wikimedia Foundation

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Content Translation is a new tool to translate Wikipedia articles. It provides a dedicated translation interface that shows both languages side-by-side, does not require knowledge of wiki syntax, and automates some translation tasks. Some language pairs have machine translation and dictionary services which speeds up translation.

Content Translation tool is aimed to increase and improve multilingual contributions. It improves the translation experience by showing the source and target text side by side. It also understand links and categories and automatically adapts those to the equivalent pages in the target language wiki if there is an equivalent.

Content translation was first deployed in 8 languages as a Beta feature in January 2015. Since then we have been adding new languages step by step. The tool has lowered the barriers to create new articles in all these languages and has already contributed hundreds of new articles. Work continues to add new language pairs and new ways to make users aware of this tool and encourage them to try translating articles.

This talk will present the impact the content translation created in the communities and how it is catalysing new article creation across languages. Since the beginning we are tracking a handful of metrics to quantify the effect and usefulness of this tool. By the time of the presentation we expect us to have more metrics and more in-depth view how and how much the tool is being used. We will present our find on observations such as that currently some language communities are using the tool a lot more than others.

After this talk you will know what is Content Translation and what it does, how big impact it has had and understand better how the communities have received it. This talk is intended for general audience and doesn’t require technical background.

  • WikiCulture & Community
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45 minutes

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