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Submissions/Regional meetings: working towards common goals

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Regional meet-ups: working towards common goals

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Panel session

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Anna Torres

Emna Mizouni [1]

Wael Ghabara [2]

Levon Azizian Ліонкінг

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Anna Torres 

Emna Mizouni [3]

Wael Ghabara [4] 

Levon Azizian

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Wikimedia Argentina


Wikimedia Ukraine

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Regional meet-ups are a powerful tool for sharing experiences with people with a similar background, language or culture. They are one of the answers given by Wikimedia chapters and Users Groups to achieve the global common objetives we all have. Same (or similar) languages and similar common contexts offer the possibility to share experiences and best practices, and provide support to the different organizations within a region. Building a network to work as a group can empower the actions of the movement and the results can be improved.

Regional meeting are helpfull for:

  1. Building relationships between chapters and user groups
  2. Improving the main strategic lines within Education and GLAM programs
  3. Supporting the projects of the organizations involved on the network
  4. Working on projects towards better improving the presence/impact of the language around the world
  5. Improving the organizations' capacities with the aim of creating new and more projects as a network etc.

Wikimedia Argentina is part of the Iberocoop network, and organized the annual get-together (Iberoconf) in November 2014. Wikimedia Tunisia will organize WikiArabia, the first regional meet-up for the Arab region in April of 2015.

Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Tunisie will share their experiences regarding what it means to organize a regional meeting and what the benefits are for everybody involved.

Ліонкінг will share a story from CEE Region.

Wikiculture and Community

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30 minutes
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