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This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Re-use of Wiki Loves Monuments photos as a hurdle race
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Sebastian Wallroth
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Sebastian Wallroth
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In November 2014 I had the idea to contribute to the exciting Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 contest by translating the winners page on Wikimedia Commons. The first hurlde were missing descriptions for the photos. After spending some time in investigating the photo subjects I wanted to dive more deep into the role of a re-user of free content provided by Wikimedia Commons. I found an online print on demand service for calendars, and the hurdle race begun. After two months of working on the calendar project nearly every evening there are 40 calendars now, available at amazon and other book dealers. I would like to share my experience as a re-user of Free Content und to suggest changes for Wiki Loves Monuments and for Wikimedia Commons.
Legal & Free Culture
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30 minutes
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