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Submissions/Possibilities for university cooperation: Estonian example

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Possibilities for university cooperation: Estonian example
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Significant amount of human and financial resources are usually needed for achieving significant results. Estonian example about educational collaboration with universities, however, proves that great results can be achieved even with few volunteers and nearly non-existent finances. This makes sharing of the know-how and practices from Estonian university program highly valuable, as replication of used strategies and practices is possible for any small group of volunteers around the world.

Every academic year more than 500 articles on Estonian Wikipedia are created as part of local cooperation with universities. In addition there are content donations from universities and there is a special course about Wikipedia and open knowledge in general in University of Tartu. All this makes the Estonian wiki-collaboration with universities one of the biggest and most successful education programs in all Wikimedia movement. Proposed talk will give an overview of the project and answer the question: how it is done?

There are 2 remarkable examples that will be highlighted during the presentation:

  • The university program in Estonia includes a variety of courses with the number of participants varying from less than 20 to more than 200. The biggest course has included the task of writing wikiarticles since 2011 and so far it has provided a total of 900 lengthy articles to Estonian Wikipedia, which makes up 3.3% of the total content in article namespace of et wiki. Running and supporting such a big course is a challenge and the presentation will show how the difficulties have been managed and how success of the course has been achieved.
  • Second example features the course "About Free Culture on the Example of Wikipedia" which is rather unique, using an academic approach when teaching about free online encyclopedia. Some of the best specialists in country step up as lecturers for this course and treated subjects are not limited to Wikipedia, but the focus is on its interactions with the society on many levels. The course has already been held during 3 academic years and the presentation will be a good chance to learn more about it.

The presentation will be about the past, the present and the future of the cooperation with universities in Estonia, providing interesting facts and strategies, as well as course examples and it should serve as a fine example of possible ways for Wikipedia collaboration with universities. Collaboration even without substantial financial or human resources.

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