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Partnering with learned societies
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Daniel Mietchen
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Daniel Mietchen
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Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
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User:Daniel Mietchen
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WikiProjects bring together Wikimedians interested in a given topic and help coordinate their activities. WikiProjects can also serve as a point of contact with external partners. For academic fields, learned societies are good candidates for external partnerships, and multiple WikiProjects have already engaged this way. In this session, an overview of past, ongoing and planned interactions between the Wikimedia community and scholarly societies will be given.

For instance, the joint activities between the International Society for Computational Biology and WikiProject Computational Biology include an annual Wikipedia writing contest, Wikimedia sessions at the society's annual meeting, and the wiki publishing track in one of the society's journals. A further line of collaboration is currently unfolding in which the society's Curriculum Taskforce and members of WikiProject Computational Biology explore how activities on Wikimedia projects can help students in the field acquire and improve skills that are relevant to the curriculum.

The interactions between Wikipedia:WikiProject Biophysics and the Biophysical Society include an editing contest and Wikimedia sessions at the society's annual meeting as well.

There are other ways to interact: a publication in the journal of the British Ornithologists Union encouraged ornithologists to contribute to WikiProject Birds, whereas the Association for Psychological Science started a Wikipedia initiative. Some societies, e.g. the Royal Society of Chemistry, have hosted Wikimedians in Residence to facilitate interactions with the Wikimedia community, and the Society for Marine Mammalogy organized a WikiSprint in January.

The session will synthesize such examples, highlight cases of fruitful and longterm collaboration and of problems encountered on the way. It will also look at how the nature of the interaction with learned societies changes across Wikimedia projects, e.g. when the focus moves between Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata.

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30 minutes
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