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MOOCs and MapWarping: Mapping Online/Offline Communities in Libraries

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Aurelia Moser, CartoDB (auremoser) + Dave Riordan, NYPL Labs

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CartoDB; NYPL Labs
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CartoDB (;; NYPL Labs (
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Maps have historically been a representation of claimed presence and colonial powerplay, cutting the cartography of our planet for the purpose of political possession. Today, digital maps are used to engage marginalized communities, to develop collaborative crisis maps for tracking corruption, atrocity, and patterns of human behavior without the hierarchy or prerequisite of GIS (Geographic Information System) training or formal cartographic affiliation. CartoDB provides free software for open-source collaborative mapping online, promoting maps among journalists, librarians, scientists, and researchers to broaden the scope of the GIS community and build maps that are as functionally current as they are historically conscient. Maintaining a sense of historical precedent imbues maps with a progressive history, tracking the trajectory of map-making from its imperial beginnings to its open and collaborative ends. In 2011, developers and libraries affiliated with the NYPL Labs project and the Maps Division of the NY Public Library built MapWarper, a tool for rectifying scanned historical maps with modern digital maps online. Since that time, NYPL Labs pushed their mapping initiatives beyond their hyper-local collections in map-related hackathons, and projects like Building Inspector, The NYC Space/Time Directory, or Historical Maps in Minecraft, meant to surface the rich geo-data available to GLAM archivists among a global audience.

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