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Content Translation - what’s running under the hood

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Kartik Mistry, Niklas Laxström, Santhosh Thottingal

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KartikMistry, Nikerabbit, Santhosh.thottingal

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India, Finland

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Wikimedia Foundation

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Content Translation tool from Wikimedia Foundation consists of many parts including Content Translation server (cxserver), Machine Translation backend (Apertium), few external Machine Translation services, Dictionary service and much more.

This talk will also explore the "dark side" of server side setup, how we worked with nice upstream developers of projects like Apertium, Technical Operation and Release team and other people. Are you interested how does one run a translation service at Wikimedia scale? Or how do changes go from developers’ machines to production through multiple testing and verification phases. This talk will tell you the highlights.

We will explain how the tool is capable of taking an article in source language, exposing it in editor not unlike the VIsual Editor and saving the translated version in wikitext again. This complex pipeline depends on Parsoid and clever algorithms to preserve markup like bolding and links even when machine translation backend only supports plain text. The tool also understand concepts unique to wiki pages links links and categories and adapts them automatically using WikiData and APIs of the wikis.

This talk will provide a better view of how Content Translation works and the various issues that are necessary to be dealt with when setting up such a complex service.

  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes

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