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Submissions/2005-2015 - From the Wikimedia Annual Conference to Wikimania: 10 years, what has changed, what hasn't?

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2005-2015 - From the Wikimedia Annual Conference to Wikimania: 10 years, what has changed, what hasn't?
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discussion/panel, presentation? (TBD)
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Delphine Ménard - notafish
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The first Wikimedia Annual International Conference, not called yet Wikimania, happened in 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany. 10 years later, here we are in Mexico City. From North to South, Wikimedia has grown to a point where in the parts of the world the question "What is Wikipedia?" is not really being asked anymore. Yet, many people still don't know that the Wikimedia projects can be edited, don't know about free knowledge and free content that Wikimedia tries to promote. There are also many geographies where Wikimedia and its projects still need to happen as a movement, an idea, a philosophy. The idea behind this presentation is to gather a few "old ones" to look back at what we've achieved in 10 years, how the Wikimania of 2015 reflects on the past 10 years, what has worked and what hasn't, what directions Wikimedia is taking and how those directions fit into what was said and done 10 years ago. A panel discussion might be the best format here, but a presentation could be interesting if noone is interested in doing a panel.

* WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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