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This page is a translated version of the page FAQ and the translation is 86% complete.

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Mikä on Wikimania?
The Annual gathering of Wikimedia enthusiasts participating in many free and open projects, of which Wikipedia—the free encyclopedia is the largest. Five years after the Buenos Aires meeting, Wikimania returns to Latin America. We will host talks about free culture, education, technology and many other topics. The event is open to everyone, experts, researchers, enthusiasts and curious people alike!
Mitä on Wikimaniassa vuonna 2015?
Wikimania 2015 is not your usual conference: it will host a wide range of activities including master lectures, unconferences, workshops, a hackathon, quick meetings, encounters, parties and regular chit-chat between wiki enthusiasts from around the world. It will be held in Hilton Mexico City Reforma in Mexico City from July 15 through 19. There will be many events to attend and be part of!
Missä ilmoittaudun?
Ilmoittautuminen ei ole käynnissä tällä hetkellä. Pysy kuulolla päivityksiä varten.
Onko mitään alennuksia tai stipendejä?
Lue stipendit.
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