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Talk:Submissions/The popularization of Science within the Tunisian Society through the creation of Tunisian Spoken Arabic Wikipedia

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Reasons of the work

I was surprised by the evaluation of my work. That is why I interfere to explain more the work. This work has been done in order to study the scientific benefits of creating a Wikipedia in Dialectal Languages. First, I had interested on how Wiki Translations can help in adjusting and standardizing the dialectal language. I explained that Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia had been approved because the admins had adjusted the writing system of Egyptian Arabic... Without this adjustment trials, a language can never have any Wiki. Other Wiki Projects in Arabic Dialects are examples of this... In this research, I had done a standardization of Tunisian Arabic with the help of the League of Tunisian Humanists and the review of several linguists and tried to use it in translating the website of Wikimania 2015. I obtained excellent results as 18 pc. of the website system had been translated in just 10 hours of work. In the past, translating was very hard... Second, I had interested on how creating a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic can help with popularizing science which is the main purpose of Wikimedia Foundation and having a database of the General Thoughts of Tunisian Society and Communities. For this purpose, I have done a survey in the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax, University of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia by asking 51 students four questions:

1. Can a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic be done

28 pc. approved

72 pc. disapproved

2. Do you approve the creation of a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic

45 pc. approved

55 pc. disapproved

3. Do you think that a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic would be successful

82 pc. approved

18 pc. disapproved

4. Why (if 3 is approved)

32 pc. said that "it would be funny"

26 pc. said that "it will improve thinking skills for Tunisian Society"

21 pc. said that "it will raise discussion on some controversies that are important but have been avoided"

19 pc. said that "it would be an occasion to see what Tunisian People think about many debates"

As you see in the results, 45 pc. of the Tunisian Society approves the use of Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic. So, it is seen that this project can have a huge audience. This is confirmed by the fact that 82 pc. of the Tunisian Society think that this project would be successful. When seeing the reasons of the predictable success of the Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic, it is seen that 32 pc. said that it would be funny... This is explained by the fact that a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic will be a means for spreading knowledge by fun and without having to get prior knowledge which can help spreading scientific consciousness in Tunisia... The three other reasons that are given are results of the first reason. --Csisc (talk) 10:00, 15 March 2015 (UTC)Reply