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Submissions/Wikipedia en la Universidad de Chile: Interdisciplina, investigación y diversidad.

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Wikipedia in University of Chile: Interdiscipline, Research and Diversity
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Martín Pérez Comisso (Mapc.088)
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mapc.088@gmail.com and mapc.088@gmail.com.
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Universidad de Chile
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University of Chile is the most ancient higher education institution in Chile, with aproximatly 30000 undergrad students, and 67 careers, the use and valoration of Wikipedia is below of the average in others universities. With the comparision between enciclopedy in the past (Diderot) and towards, we use Wikipedia to deepen ideas and learnings in different courses. This work describe four courses about Sciences and Technology topics (STS discipline) for 4 diferents faculties (Science, Chemical Science, Architecture and Urbanism and Economy and Bussiness), where we used Wikipedia as an strategy for develop research and deep learning in academic topics by creation of new articles in Spanish language.

This strategy as been validated in differents context (general and proffesional courses) producing more than 50 articles in 3 years, for various working profiles, with a equivalent proportion in gender and sociocultural capital. Glocal knowlege is recovery by the students in this experience, obtains improves in research capability, writting and Tic's competences. The motivation, difficulties, didactic and evaluation (rubric) strategy in this work are the focus in this presentation as an application to Wikipedia in Higher Education in Latin America institutions. The mayor learnings is about the empowerment in new language (wikisintaxis), new relationship with the technology (as producers) and the knowledge (as researchers and users in free culture) are lines in conclusions.

  • Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries
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30 minutes
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No :(
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A previuos work was presented in 4S conference (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in August 2014.


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