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Tour of the education extension
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Lane Rasberry
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United States
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en:Consumer Reports
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There is a Wikimedia Education Program which seeks to invite students and instructors to contribute to Wikimedia projects during their classes. In English Wikipedia Volunteer support tools associated with managing instances of this program include the software described at mw:Extension:Education Program and , and the social structure which recommends best practices for using this software.

Previously the Wikimedia Education Program or the Wiki Education Foundation in the United States had partial control of how this software was used. By the end of 2014, they ceased any claim of organizational oversight of these tools, leaving their management to the community.

What will the future of this software be? This presentation includes the following:

  1. A tour of the software
  2. A description of how it is used in the education program
  3. A review of cases in which it is used outside the education program, particularly at local meetups
  4. Guidance on using the tools
  5. News about expected development of the software
  • Education Outreach
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30 minutes
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