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OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey - First Results
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Beat Estermann (talk)
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Beat Estermann (talk)
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Bern University of Applied Sciences, E-Government Institute
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The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey, is an online survey that is conducted among heritage institutions throughout the world. The purpose of the survey is to measure the state of advancement in OpenGLAM in the various countries (digitization, inter-organisational cooperation involving the exchange of metadata, open data, crowdsourcing, linked data), and to identify the main challenges and obstacles with regard to the promotion of open cultural data and free access to knowledge.

In addition, the international benchmark survey provides international comparisons, allowing each country to see where it stands compared to other countries.

Thus, the survey provides the international OpenGLAM community and the GLAM-Wiki community with a tool that helps their members to better understand the particularities of each country, to put insights gained in a country into a broader perspective, and to better adapt strategies and best practices to the specific situation of each country.

At the Wikimania session, we will present and discuss the results from the first set of countries surveyed (as of February 2015, the data is available for Poland and Finland; further countries will follow during the first half of 2015). The main focus of the presentation is on the insights gained with regard to the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community's GLAM outreach activities.

More information about the survey is available on the project's webpage.

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30 minutes
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