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Submissions/Indigenous Knowledge and the Wikimedia projects in Ibero-America

This has been marked as a Withdrawn submission for Wikimania 2015 because it has been withdrawn by its submitter. The submitter is invited to consider trying again next year.

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Indigenous Knowledge and the Wikimedia projects

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Carlos Colina (Maor X)

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Maor X

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Venezuela / Israel

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Wikimedia Venezuela, Wikimedia Israel, Affiliations Committee

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One of the many issues that has limited the growth of the different projects in indigenous languages is the lack of references for the indigenous people's own knowledge. The different indigenous communities possess a vast amount of knowledge that has not been captured and then multiplied by the different Wikimedia projects. How can we reference the knowledge of a community that did not have a writing system until very recently?

This discussion will try to find possible solutions and come up with ideas that will help address this issue.


Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries

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30 minutes

30 minutes

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