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Submissions/GLAM Learning Circle

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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GLAM Learning Circle: Capturing a GLAM partnership development toolkit

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Workshop (Made up of a panel and facilitated discussion)

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Jaime Anstee
Maria Cruz

Arnau Duran, Amical Wikimedia

John Cummings, WMUK, UNESCO Cooperation

Dorothy Howard, US-GLAM Consortium

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JAnstee (WMF)
MCruz (WMF)


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USA Argentina

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Wikimedia Foundation

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A follow-up to learning circles (Tracking and Reporting for GLAM Pitching GLAM-Wiki Partnerships) facilitated at GLAM Wiki Conference in the Hague and next step in the learning journey to capture best practices and lessons learned in GLAM-wiki partnering. Session will offer an update on the results from the GLAM-Wiki learning circle work and learning pattern development. The specific aims of this ongoing initiative are to facilitate the capturing of the GLAM communities learning about developing and leveraging GLAM partnerships.

The proposed workshop will include a panel of experienced GLAM partnership leaders who who will provide brief presentations of their process of managing their partnership projects.to share a partnering experience along with relevant tips and resources related to one or more of the learning themes identified in our previous learning circles. Specifically, presentations will address three key points to share:

  1. Panelist GLAM partnership experiences related to one or more learning themes identified previously.
  2. Tips and resources which are readily available for others to access regarding support along those themes addressed.
  3. Any remaining challenges from their experiences for which they know no strategies or resources.

Those themes selected as focus will relate either to developing and pitching GLAM-Wiki partnerships more generally, or focus more specifically on themes related to tracking and reporting of partnerships.

The workshop process around the panel presentations will include capturing of key elements in panelist reflections and will be followed by break-out sessions in which all participants will reflect in smaller groups to discuss the solutions shared and identified challenges and share learning more broadly through collaborative identification of key problem and solution sets and relevant resources for development of learning patterns. All that is shared across the workshop process will be documented in our evaluation portal in our learning pattern library and be shared and developed further into the beginning of a GLAM partnership toolkit.


GLAM Outreach (Special focus Learning and Evaluation)

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90 minutes
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