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Submissions/Content Translation workshop for Central & South American Indigenous languages

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2015.

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Content Translation workshop for Central & South American Indigenous languages

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Runa Bhattacharjee, Pau Giner

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runa@wikimedia.org, pginer@wikimedia.org


Runab_WMF, Pginer-WMF

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India, Spain

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Wikimedia Foundation

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In Wikimania 2013, a talk was presented about the challenges and needs for developing content in indigenous languages in Wikimedia projects. The talk mentioned efforts taken by communities based in Central and South America, who are using Wikimedia projects to preserve their language and cultural content. Content Translation is a project that can by its inherent design support this mission. Speakers of indigenous languages are often multilingual and Content Translation provides the tools that can be used to create content quickly and efficiently from one language to another. In this workshop we would like to invite editors to come and try Content Translation, to create new articles and to tell us what changes they would like to see that will help them use Content Translation more efficiently. The primary focus of the workshop is on Central/South American indigenous languages and we would like to make the session bilingual - i.e. in English and Spanish. However, we would not like to restrict the audience and welcome editors from all languages to participate. The workshop will be co-ordinated by members of the Language Engineering team who have developed Content Translation tool.

As this is an editing workshop, we would like to request additional 15-30 minutes for the session and a suitable venue with reliable internet connectivity. Learn more about Content Translation.

  • Wikimedia Projects in the Spanish speaking countries
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45-60 mins

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