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Local transportation

Arriving at the airport

The main entrance to Mexico City is the Benito Juárez International Airport (IATA: MEX). There are two terminals (1 for most international and 2).

This airport is close to both the Downtown/"Centro Historico" area and the venue (7.5 kilometers). However, depending on the time of day the traffic can be a factor. Here are the suggested times:

  • In taxi: 25-45 minutes
  • In Metrobús: 40 to 60 minutes.
  • In “Metro”/Subway: 40 to 60 minutes. This is the cheapest option, but we do not recommend it.

Wikimedia Mexico will have the volunteers for the first couple of days when attendees will be arriving with “Wikimania” signs outside the area where you leave customs. They can assist attendees with the best way to obtain transportation and possibly help with ride-sharing.

Taxi Service (recommended)


As you exit customs into the arrivals area there are two authorized taxi service providers. Tell them you wish to go to “Hilton Reforma”. These operators will give you a ticket and you proceed outside to obtain the taxi.

Sitio 300 will offer discounts for Wikimania attendees. Their one way fare will be 215 MXN, 13.9 USD, 12.4 EUR in a Sedan type vehicle that can be shared from one to four persons. A van for one to seven persons that can be shared for 335 MXN, 21.5 USD, 19.3 EUR. Please look for their booth which will also have signage "Wikimania" group. In Terminal 1 the Sitio 300 booth is located in “Puerta 1” (Gate 1) and Terminal 2, outside the International Arrivals area outside the airport.

Other safe options are:

  • Porto Taxi (white with yellow and blue logo)
  • Nueva Imagen (white with red and blue logo)
  • Excelencia (white with blue logos)

We strongly recommend that you reserve a taxi in advance for your return to the airport from the Hilton. On Sunday, please stop by the Helpdesk and we will have a person there taking reservations so that Sitio 300 can send taxis to the HIlton to transport you back to Mexico DF starting Monday, Jul 20.


During the event, you can reserve a taxi for transport from Hilton to other parts of Mexico City (not to the Airport) with Cabify. Their representative will be at the Helpdesk in the registration area from July 15-19 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can send us a tweet to @wikimania2015 and ask for a special code for your first trip to get the discount ($150MXN discount) or 20% off if you use their app. You can also install their app:

You should not hail a taxi from the street because of security concerns associated with unscrupulous taxi drivers who work in conjunction with criminals. If you need a taxi, please ask the restaurant or hotel to call one for you. There are also “Sitios’ for taxis (taxi stands) in parts of the city. If you need a taxi service during the event, the concierge at the Hilton can call one for you. There are also Mexico app based services like Uber, Cabify and Easy Taxi. Gratuities to taxi drivers are not expected.

Metrobús (BRT bus system, 3.5 USD)

The Metrobús Line 4 is directly connected from both airport terminals with a special BRT bus with air-conditioned, permanent police surveillance and a special space for luggage. It costs 40 MXN pesos (2.74 USD) and the MB operates from 04:30 to 24:00 (midnight) Monday through Friday, and from 05:00 to 24:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Hours for individual stations may vary in the mornings. This is a cheap and reliable option during work hours because BRT has a special lane to reach Downtown and can easily overpass peak hour traffic.

To use this option you need to pay your access with a special card (TDF, Tarjeta del Distrito Federal) that can be purchased in special vending machines and it costs 10 MXN pesos. This machine only accept mexican pesos. Volunteers can help you to do this at the airport.

In Terminal 1 you can buy your card and take Metrobus between gates 6 and 7. In Terminal 2 the machine and the Metrobus stops are in the ground floor of the arrival area close to the taxis. The stations to the Hilton are: San Lázaro, Archivo General de la Nación, Mixcalco, Ferrocarril de Cintura, Morelos, Teatro del Pueblo, República de Argentina, República de Chile, Teatro Blanquita and Bellas Artes. You need to exit at the Hidalgo station, and then walk cross Alameda Central in the Dr. Mora street to the Hilton (5-10 minute walk).

Besides the Metrobus, you can also use the Metro.

Mexico City Metro (0.3 USD)

Mexico City Subway (know locally as Metro) covers, with their 12 lines, large areas of the Mexico capital. Also most zones and touristic areas are connected by Metro stations. The cost of the Metro is very cheap, and one ticket can be used once without time or zone restrictions. The Metro stations are divided by colors for each line and every station has a single icon to identify it. In the case of the airport you need to take the Terminal Aérea station (close to Gate 1) and in Terminal 2, Hangares station, far from the Terminal 2 gates, 20 minutes walking in a non-safe area. Both are part of the yellow Line 4, which runs from Politécnico to Pantitlán.

Please note this is a cheap option and good option if you use it in the inner of the city but not from the airport to venue. If you do take the Metro from airport, the route to Hilton is: take the Terminal Aérea or Hangares station to Politécnico direction. Get off at La Raza station, walk the connection the connection with Line 3, olive green color, towards Universidad. Get off at Juárez station, walk one large block to the north on Balderas street and there will be Avenida Juarez street. Turn right and you will find the Hilton.

In Metro you can buy standard tickets or a TDF card with credit at ticket office (named in Spanish "Taquilla"). Each card costs 10 MXN. It is not often that the ticket officers speak English. Please see Basic phrases in Spanish section. Funds are not refundable when you leave the country, so you can keep your card after Wikimania as a souvenir.

Mexico City Metro can be *really* packed and hot at peak hours (8-10 a.m., 2-4 p.m., 6-8 p.m.). Please be careful with your belongings especially cellphones, wallet and/or cameras. Never leave your backpack or luggage unattended. Pickpockets are common in Mexico City on the metro. The first two wagons of the Metro are reserved for women.