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Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group

Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group
at Wikimania 2015
The Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group was proud to be present at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City. Our user group was approved in September 2014 and exists to promote content development of interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual minority (LGBT+) communities on Wikimedia projects. We wish to create a safe environment for all readers and contributors, regardless of their sex, sexuality or sexual identity.

Community Village

We had a stand in the Community Village this year. We only have a small number of volunteers, so our stand was part-time manned during the main conference days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Attendees were welcome to collect our leaflet and talk to us about anything LGBT and Wikimedia related.


The annual Wikimania LGBT Meetup aimed to bring together LGBT Wikimedians and other interested parties from all over the world. This year's meetup was held at 18:00 on Saturday 18 July in Don Alberto 4.


For general enquiries, please leave a message at meta:Talk:Wikimedia LGBT or contact Christopher Cooper (ctc_wikimedia@fastmail.com). Thank you!

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