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This page is a translated version of the page Volunteers and the translation is 100% complete.

Appêl maftouħa lil-mot·tħawgħîn
Nħebbou nês motive bech igħawnouna fi għamlên il-Wikimânia 2015 fi Meksiko
Klîki houni!

Il-ism il-email w il-ism mtêgħek fil-resöwet sociö Il-blêd illi tesken fîha Il-khibrât wil-mahârât mtêgħek Mahâratek w khibertek fil-projêyêt Wikimêdia Waqt it-tatħawwegħ
Example McGee example@webmail.com www.facebook.com/example @gexample Example, UK mathalan il-mithêt mtêgħ il-mahâra, mgħa il-mithêl mtêgh il-konnêseñs. mithêl mahâra fi projêyêt Wîki walla mithel machrougħ wîki inti msehem fîh Nejjem ngħaddi x sweyyegħ fij-jumgħa nekhdem fi hal-ħkêya
Geraldshields11 geraldshields11 at gmail dot com Washington, DC, United States Photographer and former Wikimedia DC chapter event promotion coordinator. IRL, I am a performance artist. I am a member of several Wiki Projects, such as The Wikipedia Library, Women's History, Taxation, and Open Knowledge Foundation. I am involved with other open cultural projects, such as being a Distributed Proofreader in support of Project Gutenberg. Attended a fun part of Wikimania in DC, contributor to WikiCommons, anti-vandal patroler, and editor Have camera and willing to travel. Would like to be the official still photographer of Wikimania 2015 if a grant/scholarship from Wikimedia DC and/or grant from Wikimania 2015 covers travel costs and expenses.
Bekhruzbek Ochilov bekhruzbekochilov@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/bekhruzbek Tashkent, Uzbekistan I am a student in Academic Lyceum under WIUT. Interested in languages, know Uzbek, Russian, English and Esperanto, making some photos for Uzbekistan-related articles. I am translation administrator in Meta-Wiki and Outreach Wiki with more than 3.000 translations, making photos and upload them to WM Commons, but the biggest output and homewiki is Russian Wikipedia. I write articles about Uzbekistan, UN and Apple in Russian and English Wikipedia. Also, I recruit some people to WIkimedia projects offline. I can spend 14 hours in a week, preparing to Wikimania and going to get grant/scholarship to it, because I am from developing country and have not enough money for this.
Romaine romaine at wikimedia.nl NL/BE Organiser of various conferences, workshops and other events. Also taking pictures of events. See for an overview user page on meta. long term user in Dutch Wikipedia, board member chapter, active organiser and volunteer In the days before and after full time, during conference most of the time.