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Hi there! I'm Rebecca. Welcome to this page. :-)

What I do on Wiki

  • Play with my Sockpuppet Siliurp which I use mainly for physics related edits in the wikiverse (mainly on Wikibooks)
  • Play the Wikidata Game
  • Upload pics to Commons (on my Todo list!) ;-)
  • I am also a recent member of the GAC

What I do otherwise

I love participatory design and crowdsourcing and was and am lucky to be part of some projects that are as crazy about these ideas as I am.

  • I currently work as the data scientist for a startup that focuses on crowdsourced marketing analytics - an amazingly interesting combination seeing crowdsourcing in action in a commercial business!
  • Until summer I was part of the Team Communities at Wikimedia Germany where I mainly focussed on redesigning, scaling and coordinating volunteer support. I also had the chance to initiate the "Förderrichtlinien"-project where we (well mainly the community) developed guidelines and criteria for volunteer support programs that continues till this day.
  • I was involved with the pirate party in Germany for some years - those crazy folks that tried using Liquid Feedback for decision making and use open and participatory systems in politics to this day (yeay!)
  • I also study physics - trying to figure out life, the universe and everything!

My submissions to this years Wikimania